5 Digital Marketing Methods For Real Estate Companies

5 Digital Marketing Methods For Real Estate Companies

Deciding that you wish to use the internet to try to gain increasing numbers of prospects and clients for your real estate company is a positive step, but many business owners come to a grinding halt at this point as they are unsure what options they have and how they would benefit them. Specialists at Slinky Digital, an experienced digital marketing agency, could outline dozens of online marketing avenues, but they actually advise that it is more effective if you focus on just a few.

With that advice taken on board, we are going to outline five of the most popular and successful digital marketing methods, most of which we are sure you have heard of. We will also point out how you can use these to boost your real estate company’s online success, both in terms of generating new prospects and turning those prospects into clients for your real estate company.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Having your real estate company’s website rank at the top of Google can not only bring you plenty of kudos and brand recognition, but when it comes to the bread and butter issue of your business making profits, it can also generate lots of new prospective clients that can help achieve them.

SEO must be looked upon as a longer-term strategy, as there are very few shortcuts to ranking on Google, and given its complexity, it is usually advisable to employ a professional SEO agency to plan and facilitate your SEO.

Paid Advertising

When it comes to paid advertising online, there is no shortage of options, but the two biggest players in this arena are Google Ads and Facebook Ads. Both allow you to create your ads so that they can focus on specific offers and promotions, and you can make the ads geographical so that your ads are only shown to people in specific locations. Best of all, you control your budget completely so that you never overspend.

Social Media

Social media is a marketing method that is relatively simple, which begs the question as to why so many businesses get it wrong. The main principles for finding success with social media marketing are: researching your target audience; creating fantastic content that you know your followers will love; encouraging your followers to share your content; and interacting with them as much as possible. Your social media pages can also be part of your link-building strategy for SEO.

Content Marketing

This is often lumped in with other SEO marketing tactics, but it can be considered a marketing strategy in its own right. Effective content marketing will mean producing the very best quality content and publishing it, not just on your own website but on other websites too. If there are high-authority websites with lots of traffic and your content links back to your website, you can expect regular floods of traffic. The more content you publish, the more traffic you will receive.

Email Marketing

If done correctly, this can be your number-one source of revenue. If done wrong, it can be a nightmare. Email gets bad press due to the many spammers abusing its use, which is unfortunate because it is one of the simplest and yet most effective means of marketing to an audience of email subscribers.

Provided you balance the number of emails that include non-promotional content with those emails that do have promotions, and the content you send is useful and informative, then your email campaigns can bring huge rewards.