Why You Should Not Panic If Your Commercial Lift Gets Stuck

As humans, we all have specific fears and phobias. One person might be terrified of spiders, and the person standing next to them might have a tarantula as a pet. Conversely, the spider lover might be terrified of heights, whilst the person with arachnophobia is an avid rock climber who thinks nothing of scaling a 1,000-foot cliff. The point we are making is that to each of us the dangers we face are equal, and it is only in the mind that our fear levels of any one of them are set.

That can also be applied to our fears of having an accident whilst in a commercial lift, and for many, the two greatest fears whilst in a lift are either being trapped in it or the lift plummeting to the ground.

If we take the latter of these, we have to point out that the chances of commercial lift falling down its lift shaft is minuscule. The modern commercial lift has sophisticated braking systems, multiple cables and often lift servicing which mean even if there were to be a serious fault, everything concerning the safety of the lift is to designed to prevent it from falling.