How To Hide Stains In Your Office Carpet Until The Pros Can Remove Them

How To Hide Stains In Your Office Carpet Until The Pros Can Remove Them

Ok, it is confession time. We are going to teach you how to cheat. Now, far from this meaning that we have fallen from grace and gone over to the dark side, instead, it will mean that you can keep your business premises looking great for as long as possible. Specifically what we are going to do is teach you how to hide or reduce stains in your office carpets, until you can hire professional carpet cleaners to get rid of them for you properly.

You might be thinking, “Why don’t I just call the pros in today?”, and we would answer that by telling you to go for it. However, commercial carpet cleaning is a highly popular service, so there is the likelihood that you may have to wait a few days before they can confirm an appointment. Meanwhile, your carpets remain dirty or stained which is hardly the image you want to project to prospective clients and other visitors to your business premises.

So, whilst you are waiting patiently for your professional commercial carpet cleaners to work their magic, here are some ways in which you can hide the offending areas of your dirty carpets from view, or minimise the effect of the stains which exist.

Hot Soapy Water

It is often said that the simplest solutions are usually the best solutions, and in this case, we are literally talking about a simple solution of soap and water. We should point out this is likely going to be effective on just simple stains, and those which have not got to a point where they can only be removed using professional carpet cleaning methods.

All you are doing here is dampening a cloth and then using it to blot down upon any stains or dirty spots on the carpet. Do not soak the carpet, or pour water onto the carpet as that can damage it. This may not get rid of deep-down stains but should be enough to get rid of some until the pros get there.

Vinegar & Baking Powder

Long known as a highly effective way of getting rid of carpet stains, this solution can buy you, and your stained carpet, some time until your professional carpet cleaners arrive. It does require more items than the soapy water option. You need vinegar, baking powder, a spray bottle, a lint-free cloth, and an iron. What you do is mix some vinegar with baking powder and spray the solution on and around the offending stain that you wish to remove.

Next, dampen the lint-free cloth and place it on top of the stain. Then, with your iron on a stream setting, move it across the cloth using slight downward pressure. Once completed, lift the cloth and you will see that much of the stain has transferred from the carpet to the cloth.

Hide The Stains

The previous two suggestions were more about minimising stains until they could be professionally removed from your carpets. This one is a blatant cheat, where you simply use your imagination to hide or cover up the worst stains so that they are out of sight. Any office furniture such as chairs or desks, coffee tables, office equipment such as a photocopier, lamp bases, waste paper bins, and boxes are all examples of what can be used.