HISTORY – VA Business was founded in 1982 as a traditional venture capital firm with an emphasis on building up small companies. It has evolved into a marketing & management consulting firm with a focus on business.

Moving online, we retain capabilities in these areas with additional strengths in a broad range of digital services and business consulting specializing in Business Strategy & Marketing Advice.

The firm is based on the principle of providing a high level of professional services with an orientation to results.

ASSOCIATES – Thirty plus years of business oriented networking has enabled VA Business to assemble a variety of knowledgeable, hands-on, experienced individuals who cross over a broad range of management disciplines.
Experts and specialists are accessible for almost any business or industry need. VA Business’ are oriented to provide solutions to problems and uncover opportunities.


  • Business Advice
  • Business Software
  • Business Strategy
  • Digital Marketing
  • Marketing
  • Management


  • A rapidly gained, reasonably thorough understanding of the business in order to put problems and opportunities in perspective.
  • Additional perspectives gained by experience in a variety of industries and businesses, which can be used to advantage in solving the problems of many other enterprises.
  • A sounding board for the CEO/Owner and top management team members in expression of problems or planned actions, offering constructive advice in decision making.
  • Objective review of company performance, gained through analysis of financial and operating performance.
  • Confidential and objective advice for a company with no outside board of directors or when family members or shareholders may have conflicts of interest.
  • Second opinions when a CEO has doubts about programs that are proposed by other top management team members.