Top 7 Marketing Analytics Software

Top 7 Marketing Analytics Software

The phrase “knowledge is power” can be applied in a multitude of situations, and one of the most applicable is the world of business. A business owner that knows more information and data creating to their industry, their marketing, their sales, their competition, and their customers, has a huge advantage over the other business owners they are competing against.

To garner all this information there is no need to employ a network of spies. Instead what you need is marketing analytics software. These can provide a business with several insights into their business and provide several advantages including:

  • Spotting customer and market trends
  • Ability to adapt and personalise marketing messages
  • Improve social media strategies
  • Identifying influencers
  • Improved customer engagement
  • Improved collaboration across departments
  • Insight into competitor activity

To avail yourself of any of these benefits you need to have marketing analytics software working for your business so here are 7 of the best that are currently available.


This all-in-one marketing analytics platform has an advanced array of tools and features that bring much of your marketing activity all within one easy to use interface. As well as enabling you to create marketing assets such as landing pages, it also has powerful analytical software. This allows you to drill deep into your customer database to assess their behaviours, track website metrics, and evaluate your entire marketing and sales funnel to pinpoint wins and losses.


With Percolate, all of your marketing activities can be planned, created, implemented, tracked, and managed within one software. All of this data can be assessed as it relates to specific marketing channels, marketplaces and your marketing and sales teams. It is particularly effective for those who utilise content as a significant weapon in their marketing armoury as it can track content performance, including content that is published on social media platforms.

Visual IQ

Being able to consolidate market and sales data within one platform, but at the same time be able to drill down to measure specifics, is key to effective market analysis, and that is exactly what Visual IQ can do for you. It allows you to measure your marketing and advertising performance across multiple channels, and as part of that can give detailed insights into your audience with respect to their demographics and behaviours.


This cloud-based platform is especially effective for those businesses that require data and analysis of how well their marketing is engaging with prospects. It can be used for assessments of content marketing, email marketing, paid advertising, social media, and also marketing which is targeted specifically to mobile devices. It can be integrated with Salesforce for additional analysis of sales teams. Reports can be adapted as visual graphs and charts, making it easy for all.


Providing a single source for all your marketing data, Looker can also help users make better business decisions. It does so by providing access to real-time data, and this, coupled with its built-in business intelligence software, provides the basis for more informed and enhanced decision making. Customer behaviours can be assessed across multiple channels and customers can also be segmented based on the journey they take through your sales funnel.


Birst is a cloud-based market analytics software that is regarded by many as one of the best of its type. It can take any of the raw data related to your marketing and sales and present this in reports and graphs that can be easily understood at every level of your business. It will also generate prediction models based upon its analysis of your data, helping you to make future planning for the short and long term more effective.


Suitable for use on desktop or mobile devices, Mixpanel analysis the data differently than many other analytical tools. It seeks to understand the individual actions taken by those in marketing or sales funnels. This analysis makes any subsequent marketing decisions based upon it produce more effective results. This event-based analysis can also help product development decisions based on real actions taken by prospects and customers.