4 Landscape Design Features That Offer A Huge Return On Investment

4 Landscape Design Features That Offer A Huge Return On Investment

Landscape architects and designers create awesome gardens and outdoor living areas for their clients, but the reason they were employed in the first place can differ from client to client. Some will have moved into a new home and need their garden totally revamped. Others will have grown tired of their current garden or its layout and want to give it a completely new look. And finally, there will be some clients who want a landscape design as means of investing.

Some of you might be thinking is stocks, shares and bonds are for investing in, and that is true. However, do not underestimate the ability of a garden that has been planned and created by professional landscape designers, such as Landscaping Sydney, to provide the client who has paid for it, a hefty profit.  Money might not grow on trees, but it can certainly be created by them, and other garden plants and features if they are of sufficient beauty and quality.

If you are still unsure as to how a landscape architect can join the ranks of investment bankers and brokers by giving you a possibility of gaining a return on what you invest in your garden, then here are some specific examples of landscape design features that prove it.


Trees can provide you with financial benefits in more ways than you might think. They may cost anywhere from $300 to $500 to plant, but even before they are fully grown they may have paid that back. One way is that they help prevent flooding and all the costs that might incur as they soak up a lot of water from the ground. Secondly, they can provide shade, meaning that you can turn your air conditioning down, and thus save on your electricity bill.

Finally, once they have grown and matured large trees can add anything from $1,500 to $3,000 to the value of a property. If the person buying has a large tree as one of their must-haves, they will pay more for your property so that they avoid having to plant a young tree and wait years for it to grow.

Water Features

Some water features, especially large ones such as pools, might have a large upfront cost, but they will eventually be worth it. Apart from the pleasure they provide whilst you live there, when it comes to valuing your home, water features can add significantly to the figure.

Whether you have a large garden with a pool, or a smaller garden with a fountain, a small pond, or even an artificial waterfall, they will all be beneficial. Selling your home will be easier, and if you have more than one potential buyer who loves the water features in your garden, that can start a bidding war which is certain to increase the price you receive for selling your home.


A patio is another feature potential buyers look for and one for which they were willing to pay over the odds for the house that has one in its landscaped garden. Some reports say that as much as 100% of the cost of the patio can be recouped, but even if is only half that, it will still be worth it, especially as it might help you sell your home quicker. Add a pergola, and that return will be increased even further.


Another much sought after feature by home buyers. With quality decking already installed it not only becomes a great selling point, but once again buyers will be happy to pay more if they know that they have neither the cost nor the upheaval of having the decking installed themselves.