4 Ways Landscape Designers Can Increase Your Home’s Value

4 Ways Landscape Designers Can Increase Your Home's Value

There are many reasons why you might employ a landscape architect to redesign and create a completely new garden for you at your property. It could be you have moved into a new house, and you want to change it to your personal preferences. Maybe your current garden is sadly lacking and needs a new lease of life. You may also have discovered landscaping recently and until now were not aware of its potential to transform your garden.

There is one other reason that might be applicable, and it is one that many homeowners often do not think of when focussing on changing their garden’s layout, albeit for some others this is the primary incentive to transform their garden. That reason is increasing the value of their property. The former group we mentioned see this as a bonus but are more focussed on other reasons. The latter is fully aware of it, and see the work of their landscape architect as an investment.

In truth, neither of them is right nor wrong. If you want a new landscape design for your garden and your reasons are other than financial, then that is great. If it is to increase your property’s value then that is great too, and just goes to prove further that landscape designs have many benefits.

One point we must make is that particular landscape design concepts are going to have more of a positive impact on property values than others. For this reason, any homeowner who sees landscape design as an investment needs to know what these are, and ensure that they are discussed in-depth with their landscape architects. Here are four landscape design ideas that are at the top of the list.

A Landscaping Design That Increases The Level Of Privacy

There are many ways in which a landscape architect can design a garden so that the amount of privacy is maximised. Privacy is something that most people prefer, but not everyone does. However, looking ahead to when you might wish to sell your home, we would suggest you aim towards more privacy rather than too little. You may lose a sale if someone willing to meet your asking price believes they have too much work to do to raise the level of privacy within the garden.

A Landscaping Design That Requires Minimal Maintenance

A landscape designer will be able to advise you on the type of features that will reduce the ongoing maintenance required, as well as which plants also fall into that category. Whilst this might benefit you in the meantime when it comes time to sell your home, it can be a great selling point to justify the asking price. Not everyone is a keen gardener so if you can show potential buyers your landscape design was specifically created to be low-maintenance, it could be the clincher.

A  Landscaping Design That Is Not Reliant On The Prevailing Climate

When it comes time to sell your home, your landscaped garden will be an important selling point, but only if it looks great at the time you want to sell it. if it only looks great during 3 months of the year, then it could minimise any value it adds to your home. As such, request that your landscape architect includes as many plants as possible that are not reliant upon specific types of weather or climate.

A Landscaping Design That Compliments Your Home Perfectly

Unfortunately, we sometimes come across landscaped garden designs that look completely alien to the property to which they belong. They may look great in isolation but in terms of complimenting the property and adding value to it, it fails. This s why when you are discussing a new landscape design with your landscape designer you ensure that the design they create compliments your home perfectly and they both look as though they were made for each other.