The JAM & L Railroad

Garden Trains For Sale

My major size garden train layout is for sale. All items must go from engines, rolling stock and lots of miscellaneous items.

Autos - Boats - Buildings - Electrical Parts - Figures & Animals - Steel Wheel Sets

BUT there are a LOT of other items including rolling stock, miscellaneous parts, nice collection of train videos and a pretty full collection of Garden Railroad train magazine from 1st issue in 1990 through mid-2013 totaling 127 issues.
Also, a major collection of O-Gauge and Classic Toy Trains available.

You can view the "build history" and see the collection as it was in operation at Jim's Garden Railroad

View the Price List here.

Special individual viewing at anytime can be arranged by phoning Jim at 303-758-8710.

Overview of Tables


UP Diesel 2055 & 2055B

4-6-0 Engine Bachman 81097 - Anniversary Rio Grande-lead weighted

4-6-0 Engine Bachman 81094 - Black Anniversary Rio Grande-lead weighted

LGB Rio Grande Steamer-100 - A Classic

Thomas Train Set - Custom Rebuild - All Kids know and love Thomas

Rio Grande Speeder Cab Car

Rolling Stock

Others cars are not shown
Up Passenger Cars (Two) - Lighted

Pennsy P-Cassius - Verites - Set of 6 -Custom track lights interconnected

Box Car - Aristo - Steel wheels

Navy Box Car - Commemorative- Steel Wheels

Pacemaker-LGB - 4067

Kitchen Car - USA - 1845

Blue Hi Side Gondola -LGB - 4021
Hobo-Box Car-USA Limited Edition

Covered Gondola Custom Track Cleaner Steel Wheels

Trolley Car -unpowered - LGB - 3500

Gold Ore Car - LGB - 3510

Crane - LGB 4042

Wood Flat Car

Bobber Caboose Bachmann - 93102
R&G Caboose Bachmann - USA 12105

Caboose - Red

Custom Specialty Cars

Carasol - Track Power - Custom Electrical Moving Display

Mail Car - Custom Made Novelty Car

Custom Made Track Cleaners - These really work well!!!

Circus Train Cars

Some Cars not shown - 15 total - Sale priced purchased individually-$700 - Buy Full Set $550

Advertising Car #4

Yellow 101 Flat w/Bandwagon LGB 4160

Orange 107 Flat w/Tableau Wagon LGB 4260

Bear/LIon LGB 4067

Giraffe & Hippo
Clowns LGB 3125

Star Bachman - 971071 - Steel Wheels


Circus Caboose LGB 4067

Miscellaneous Items

Lots of miscellaneous stuff - dig around in the boxes and makes some offers

Railroad Signal Lamps (Two)

Jim Arkebauer - 303-758-8710 -