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The JAM & L Outdoor Garden Train

The JAM & L Railroad started a new Large Scale Outdoor Garden Train in G Gauge the Spring of 2003. This web site shows continually updated photos as well as tracking the initial construction process. This set was disassembled in 2015 and all parts, track and rolling stock where sold to live again. This display was loved and appreciated by hundreds on-lookers and enthusiasts and brought much enjoyment to Jim to build and operate for over 12 years

TRACK PLAN - A G Scale Garden Railroad with two outside loops and complex inside run.
Note the parking sidings on the left and the double 30 degree crossings right center. The outside line (red) contains 90' of track, the middle line (green) has 70' and the inside line (black) is 160' in length for a total of 320' of garden train track plus sidings in the 21' by 23' area. North is to the right.

Note: the middle (green) line was installed April 05 and Mountain was rebuilt in the spring 07 and these do not show in some of the following photos.

Overhead photo looking northeast

Construction was started spring 2003 - The Mountain was originally built in the fall of 2003 and rebuilt in the spring of 2007- (180 concrete blocks, 1000 pounds of dirt, unknown number/pounds of rocks, 800 pounds of concrete). There are 100's of feet of underground wiring, all track is mounted on treated cedar fence board, 1,000 plus track connector screws, pond has 1350 GPH water pump. There are 30 Dwarf spruce and gobs of hens and chicks. All buildings are hand made (mostly treated " plywood - except the "Bird House Resort")

Engines - Aristo 4-6-2 Pacfic (Rio Grande), - Two Bachmann "Spectrum" steamers (Denver & Rio Grande's) - Aristo (UP) Diesel A&B units - USA, GP38 Diesel - (Union Pacific) - LGB (Rio Grande) Steam Engine- Rio Grande Speeder

Rolling Stock - Three primary train units - Six-car passenger set (Bachmann, converted to track lighted) - "Circus" Train," (LGB and scratch built 12 car consist) - "Novelty" consist (Watermelon, Garden Train car, Fruit car, Wart Hog, Mail car, Trolley Caboose)

A Railroad Crossing sign was scratch built using a rebuilt switch lamp."Zoro" waits for the six-car steamer to pass by.

Looking Northeast

Four Tier Waterfall flows into creek and lower pond

Side of Mountain

Back of the old Mountain

UP Diesel-A and B Unit - Aristo

Pacific 4-6-2

Two Truck Shay

The UP USA Diesel coming out the Back of the Tunnel

Six Car Passenger Train and an LGB Circus Train - Both pulled by modified Bachmann 4-6-0 Spectrum Engines

Coming round the mountain

The building plots have been built on plywood bases and all buildings are scratch built. The main street consists of a shopping side with a garage, mercantile, bar, bank and hotel. The buildings are built with love and detail. You almost can imagine the luxury bathroom accessories in the higher end stops along the route.The end of the street finds a gas station and garage. At this same corner, you can see the motorcycle gang playing a game of Baseball. An industrial - manufacturing plat contains "Arkie and Sons Manufacturing" which manufactures a broad range of products including beer, scotch, and rum. The yellow tunnel house below covers electrical connections. In 2012, a solar "Power Plant" was built out of 24 garden solar cell lights to provide interior lighting in the main street buildings.

Birdseye view of Town

North Up Main Street

Main Street with New Building Going Up

Waterfall, creek, bridge, and Main street - Note the watermellon load over the bridge!

Garage and gas station

A Colorado Rockies Baseball Game

Arkie and Sons Manufacturing Plant

"Tank Farm" - Serves the liquid needs for our manufacturing plant

New Store - Construction crew just about finished with the framing

Our Jersey Street House - A model of our house from the rear

The "Bird House Resort" covers the lower pond connections - The Puppies are looking for fish

"Slim Town"- Built over the winter 05 and 06, the buildings are hundreds of popsicle sticks and lots and lots of odds and ends

"Slim Town" buildings under construction

Our Watermellon Car -- Actually, their pecans.

The Garden Train Car -- Note the Z scale train inside the car

A Caged Wart Hog?

Every train needs a Mail Car

Camel Car for the Circus train

A Couple of Kids Looking Over the Fence

Current Control Panel - POWER Supply - One Aristocraft - Ultima 10-Amp Power Supply with three 10-amp track controllers

The following photos trace the initial construction of the JAM & L Railroad starting in the Early Spring of 2003

Inital Stake Out - January 2003

The JAM & L Railroad Under 3 foot of Snow - March 2003

Basic layout steaked out

Laying conduit for Track Power and Switches - April 2003

The four-legged supervisor's name is Archie

First two lines laid out - First of May, 2003

First Day of Running-May 10, 2003 - We had six inches of snow two days prior

Hey Look!! - It Runs!!

Summer Progress 2003
The 1st summer of 2003 saw the track laid out, permanently set in and a full summer addressing running problems. Level track is very important and a lot of time was spent working on all sections and then a total rework of the double 30 degree crossing section. A complete rework of the sidings was also done to level them out so that parked units would not role down the track. Fall work was to do the basis construction of 4 foot high mountain with a tunnel in preparation for a dual water fall feature in the spring of 04 and then on to building a town site and industrial area.

The double 30 degree crossing section


Looking Southwest

Looking Southeast

Here is where the mountain will go

The Mountain Under Construction - Sept 03 - A total of 110 Cement blocks with over 800 pounds of dirt and 600 pounds of concrete.

Upper Pond

Further Mountain Construction - Oct 03

We added to the mountain in 2007 - Total cement blocks now at 180, and 1200 pounds of concrete

Plywood to protect the track when we trimmed the Silver Maple tree - Aug 07

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